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domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010


Our advertising strategy will be to hand out to women free samples of the perfume along the street to make them smell our high quality and exquisite fragrance.
Now Pia is trying to find sponsors for this new product to reduce our costs.
Wanama is highly interested in our product and it is a real honor for us to count with its support.
Our next step will be to organize open exhibitions as a very well oportunity to show all the shoes models we have currently on stock.
On the other hand, we think that commercials could be another way to start advertising (a lot of companies resort to this media to launch their products); however, we do not mostly trust on this strategy yet because of our age target: working women over 30´s do not watch TV during the day very much. We are evaluating that radio might be perhaps a good media for the afternoon when they are coming home from work.
Apart from that, mailshots and internet are more than relevant for our company. We need to be constantly updated.
To conclude, we have also devoted a lot of money to posters and flyers with creative graphics and colours to call people`s attention as part of this huge advertising campaign.

Quality, target and aspirations

This new product is very reliable because we offer high quality shoes. All our range of products has the same quality. We focus on a nich of market: over 30- years-old women; we want to make them look like Madonna on the 80`s
The design consists in three removable high hills and nine little recipients of ink to change the colours of the shoes all the time they want. So they are going to have a lot of pairs only in one model.
We have to admit that competition is a threat. Sarkany has a lot of fashionable and long-lasting shoes, but this is not a barrier for us, because we know it is important to learn from big companies to improve and also surpass them in a future.
We think we are going to become a well-known company in the market shoes as soon as we launch our special and innovating product.
Our skilled population hardly working for customers around the world is our value for money.
We must say that customers peer pressure is strong. We know that they are betting on us all the time and we cannot disappoint them.
Our plan is to stretch the brand to a perfume. We think that shoes and fragrances are totally connected. One more time, we inspired ourselves in Madonna; this time following her current style today, though. Therefore, we got vintage designed shoes renewed in a modern spirit with this very up-to-date fragrance. This is a very interesting and attractive concept that we hope will work perfectly for the modern women.
Probably, in the future we may merge with another company, but it is not still part of our present plan.


This Entrepreneurship started 9 years ago when three sisters founded a shoe company. This Argentinian women lived in different parts of the world: one of them, Cris, had been living in Indonesia since she got married. The other, Pia, flew to USA to begin a new life of opportunities, and the oldest, Mora, dedicated her whole life to market studies, and also did a lot of postgraduate courses in Australia. Their lives were physical separated but their hearts were always together.

The 2001 crisis all over the world affected the youngest of the sisters. She was fired from a multinational so she started to think about the possibility of doing another activity to survive.
This is how the sisters agreed to create their own company, so Winsumshoes was born. With Pia’s ideas (she was very creative), with the needs of Cris and the experience in jobs and employees gathered by Mora, they merged to create something successful.
The sister’s personals characteristics:

Cris, In Indonesia learnt a lot about it’s culture. She had had many changes in her life, she did not wanted to move to another country again, moving house or having a new neighbours. Taking into account religion, ideas, beliefs, ceremonies, festivals, social traditions, Cris took the best of the oriental countries and design the ex clusive products that are going to be sell there.

Something very similar happened to Mora and Pia, the ones that lived in occidental countries. According to its historical events, they created the designs for this part of the world. The only thing that changes between occidental and oriental is the design, because the way of working and the strategies are the same in the whole world.

The three sisters used to be decisive, motivating, charismatic and their profile is that of a lider. Cris is decisive; Pia is very persuasive (so it’s easy for her to convince people that out product is the best) and Mora is flexible, so with her marketing studies she could have a different view of buyers. The three together seem to have the best characteristics to success in business and with the time it’s porpoise is to be the number one shoe company.


Mission: The mission of Winsumshoes is to be an innovative company that combines fabrics and comfortable surfaces for the working public who are their clients. Let them know that comfort is also accompanied by artistic and fashion designs. Winsumshoes also pretends to find a balance between their creations and its possibility to be profitable.

Vision: To become a successful multinational company. Offering a wide range of products, shoes and other accessories, recognized by:
- Being an innovator in the area of accessories.
- Excellent customer service
- Trained and motivated employees

Organizational culture (values):
QUALITY over all things. This allows the consumer to develop a brand loyalty

CREATIVITY ANDA INNOVATION that allows the company to distinguish among the other organizations being.

COMMITMENT to the entire production process, from developing the idea and design to product sales.

FLEXIBILITY to adapt to market changes. The current market is constantly changing, and one of the main characteristics a company needs is to be market-driven

DIVERSITY OF PRODUCTS to suit the needs of all customers

GOOD WORK ENVIRONMENT to perform good works, and to motivate workers


Description of the products
The brand "Winsumshoes" offers a wide range of footwear. Always looking to innovate and in different models "Winsumshoes" offers you shoes with style, luxury, fashionable and durables

- suffers sudden climate change? No longer with the new technology winsumshoes" Shoes with a new system that measures your body temperature, and according to this they cooled or heated.

- Tired of black shoes? Want to try another color shoe but feel that you are not going to use a lot? Quiet ... "Winsumshoes" brings you the solution: enter the shoes in water (at a certain temperature) and shoes change color.

- Loves stilettos but not take it too long? You would like to convert after a while in “chatitas” or change the needle heel in Chinese heel? The latest model of "winsumshoes" presents some new shoes that are provided with three options, to no longer have foot pain. The product launch will be next month in our shops.


Marketing department
Our marketing staff monitors each campaign to be the best. That is why there are ads for "Winsumshoes" in magazines, mailshots, billboards, etc.


Our employees are highly qualified, motivated and have enough experience and intelligence to perform their jobs with excellence
• If you want to work on "Winsumshoes" only you have to send your curriculum vitae, then you'll have an interview and probationary period.