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domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010


Our advertising strategy will be to hand out to women free samples of the perfume along the street to make them smell our high quality and exquisite fragrance.
Now Pia is trying to find sponsors for this new product to reduce our costs.
Wanama is highly interested in our product and it is a real honor for us to count with its support.
Our next step will be to organize open exhibitions as a very well oportunity to show all the shoes models we have currently on stock.
On the other hand, we think that commercials could be another way to start advertising (a lot of companies resort to this media to launch their products); however, we do not mostly trust on this strategy yet because of our age target: working women over 30´s do not watch TV during the day very much. We are evaluating that radio might be perhaps a good media for the afternoon when they are coming home from work.
Apart from that, mailshots and internet are more than relevant for our company. We need to be constantly updated.
To conclude, we have also devoted a lot of money to posters and flyers with creative graphics and colours to call people`s attention as part of this huge advertising campaign.

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