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domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010


Description of the products
The brand "Winsumshoes" offers a wide range of footwear. Always looking to innovate and in different models "Winsumshoes" offers you shoes with style, luxury, fashionable and durables

- suffers sudden climate change? No longer with the new technology winsumshoes" Shoes with a new system that measures your body temperature, and according to this they cooled or heated.

- Tired of black shoes? Want to try another color shoe but feel that you are not going to use a lot? Quiet ... "Winsumshoes" brings you the solution: enter the shoes in water (at a certain temperature) and shoes change color.

- Loves stilettos but not take it too long? You would like to convert after a while in “chatitas” or change the needle heel in Chinese heel? The latest model of "winsumshoes" presents some new shoes that are provided with three options, to no longer have foot pain. The product launch will be next month in our shops.

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