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domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010


Mission: The mission of Winsumshoes is to be an innovative company that combines fabrics and comfortable surfaces for the working public who are their clients. Let them know that comfort is also accompanied by artistic and fashion designs. Winsumshoes also pretends to find a balance between their creations and its possibility to be profitable.

Vision: To become a successful multinational company. Offering a wide range of products, shoes and other accessories, recognized by:
- Being an innovator in the area of accessories.
- Excellent customer service
- Trained and motivated employees

Organizational culture (values):
QUALITY over all things. This allows the consumer to develop a brand loyalty

CREATIVITY ANDA INNOVATION that allows the company to distinguish among the other organizations being.

COMMITMENT to the entire production process, from developing the idea and design to product sales.

FLEXIBILITY to adapt to market changes. The current market is constantly changing, and one of the main characteristics a company needs is to be market-driven

DIVERSITY OF PRODUCTS to suit the needs of all customers

GOOD WORK ENVIRONMENT to perform good works, and to motivate workers

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