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domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Quality, target and aspirations

This new product is very reliable because we offer high quality shoes. All our range of products has the same quality. We focus on a nich of market: over 30- years-old women; we want to make them look like Madonna on the 80`s
The design consists in three removable high hills and nine little recipients of ink to change the colours of the shoes all the time they want. So they are going to have a lot of pairs only in one model.
We have to admit that competition is a threat. Sarkany has a lot of fashionable and long-lasting shoes, but this is not a barrier for us, because we know it is important to learn from big companies to improve and also surpass them in a future.
We think we are going to become a well-known company in the market shoes as soon as we launch our special and innovating product.
Our skilled population hardly working for customers around the world is our value for money.
We must say that customers peer pressure is strong. We know that they are betting on us all the time and we cannot disappoint them.
Our plan is to stretch the brand to a perfume. We think that shoes and fragrances are totally connected. One more time, we inspired ourselves in Madonna; this time following her current style today, though. Therefore, we got vintage designed shoes renewed in a modern spirit with this very up-to-date fragrance. This is a very interesting and attractive concept that we hope will work perfectly for the modern women.
Probably, in the future we may merge with another company, but it is not still part of our present plan.

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